"This Asbury Park, NJ instro surf trio really delivers on this, their debut 6-song EP. They have a powerful, punch sound with unrelenting rhythms and intricate lead guitar work.....Production is great as well - not too slick, but just enough to really emphasize each of the instruments. The twangy, spooky “Devil’s Punchbowl” was my personal fave, perhaps influenced by reviewing this a week before Halloween. Still, this tune, as well as the others, will be played on a regular basis throughout the year." ~Double Crown Records

"Black Flamingos recorded their debut over at Coffee Haus Studios in Freehold and utilized the talents of Benjamin Feldman as engineer and mixer. My take on this EP is one of appreciation for guitar-based music in a scene that features a more traditional sound. Black Flamingos are a talented band with a unique and honed voice in the genre of instrumental surf sounds, and I think they have a winner on their hands."  ~John Pfeiffer @ The Aquarian

"Of the litany of great recording/rehearsal spots in NJ, Coffee Haus Studios in Freehold has emerged as one of the more viable, dedicated-to-independent-artists spaces around. A known favorite of locals like The Shady Street Show Band, Coffee Haus now expands its artistic portfolio with its latest recorded endeavor."  ~Mike Mehalick @ Speak Into My Good Eye

"...Ben Feldman of Coffee Haus Studios in Freehold, The Shady Street Show Band shares.....the band at their slow burn, bluesy best with impassioned vocals building towards a heavy outro."  ~Chris Rotolo @ Speak Into My Good Eye